Bellezza in gravidanza Tutto ciò che devi sapere Cosmetics Like a good pair of Kicks, Tarte colored Clay tinted Brow Gel offers major Arch support

Like a good pair of Kicks, Tarte colored Clay tinted Brow Gel offers major Arch support

Tarte colored Clay tinted Brow Gel in Taupe
Tarte’s new cruelty-free colored Clay tinted Brow Gel ($21) comes in three shades, and the one we’re looking at today, Taupe, is actually nowhere near my natural brow color. It’s the lightest of the three shades, and the one best suited for blondes.

Buuut, I thought I might be able to use it for the inner part of my brows to do that whole ombre brow thing, or when I just feel like wearing my Lil’ Kim/Nicki Minaj wig to scare the UPS guy.


Good times, my friend… good times.

Just to see how it would look, I also pulled the color all the way through my brown to the outer tail, and holy WOW MAMA! — this stuff is unbelievably pigmented.

Despite it being way too light for me to use as my primary brow gel, Taupe still completely covers Raul, also known as “the bald spot in my left brow.”


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Taupe also keeps my stray hairs from flapping in the wind and has so much pigment that it even lightens the overall color of my dark brunette brows by several shades (only while I wear it, of course).

Kind of shocking, considering that the tiny brush, which doesn’t look like much, has bristles so small that they look like they wouldn’t be able to hold much product at all.

“No frickin’ way,” I thought the first time I saw it, but it works, both the brush and the gel. Together, they fill in all the sparse spots, lay down plenty of color (on the hairs and the skin), and corral those wayward hairs into place.

It’s a firm, yet manageable hold, and I can still run a brush through my brows when the gel dries down if I want to, so the hold isn’t as firm or stiff as, say, Anastasia’s clear Brow Gel, which could hold those hairs down through a category 5 storm, I kid you not.

But it is firm enough to hold the hairs in place when I dance in front of my Beyonce fan. #truestory #dontjudge

Before (left) and after (right) Tarte Amazonian Clay tinted Brow Gel in Taupe

I really like Tarte colored Clay tinted Brow Gel a lot, and I’m going to Sephora later today to grab something closer to my actual brow color — probably either the middle shade, medium Brown, or the darkest shade, rich Brown.

Should be terrific when I’m in the mood for natural, full brows which, lately, has been every day.

Oh, hai!

Like several of the new products Tarte recently added to their permanent line, colored Clay tinted Brow Gel contains oil-absorbing colored clay to feed, condition and soothe yo’ fuzzy little caterpillars and the skin around them.

You can find colored Clay tinted Brow Gel propping up brows, one arch at a time, at Tarte counters and online.

PRICE: $21
AVAILABILITY: available now in the permanent collection at Tarte counters and online
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Have I ever mentioned that I quite enjoy baking? especially cakes from scratch.

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