Bellezza in gravidanza Tutto ciò che devi sapere Uncategorized Saturday Surfing, June 27th, 2020

Saturday Surfing, June 27th, 2020

have a lychee, my friend! They’re like a grape with a leathery skin and the flavor of a watermelon spiked with a peach.
Happy Saturday, my friend! If you need me, I’ll be here in my corner greedily scarfing down lychees before any individual else gets their paws on ’em.

Prendendo in giro! I’m always delighted to share. You’ll have to peel your own, though.


If Cookie Monster gets to be the monster of all cookies, I would like to be the monster of all lychees. Consequently, henceforth, from this day forward, you may refer to me by my Sesame name…”Lychee Monster,” considering that I can and will eat an obscene amount of lychees.

Question for you — how do you pronounce “lychee”? Do you say “LEE-chee” or “LIE-chee”? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anywho, lychees aren’t common in this part of northern California, so whenever I see them in a store I get hold of as lots of as I can.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

A buddy of mine on Instagram pointed out that when she was a kid, her mommy would get lychees in season and freeze them for later, which I think is GENIUS. I think I’ll freeze a few, but our fire season is just around the corner, which indicates that our power company (PG&E) will probably shut off the power in our county for a few days (possibly weeks) as part of wildfire prevention efforts, and we might lose the food in our freezer and fridge…so I think I must eat as lots of fresh lychees as humanly possible ideal now while I can. LOL.

On that note, lychees for EVERYONE!

Pandemic isolation’s got appeal girls saying things like “I haven’t worn makeup in months, and I don’t see myself wanting to again.”

Career recommendations from Burberry’s global appeal Director, Isamaya Ffrench: “Don’t expect any individual to call you up and be like, ‘We’re ready for you now.’ just do it yourself.”

Here are the products that skin care guru Caroline Hirons says you *don’t* need on your skin care shelf.

ALL kinds of TONERS!

How to do your makeup so it doesn’t rub off on your face mask.

On why people are wearing perfumes even though nobody’s around to smell them: “A scent’s power to evoke the aura of beloved people, places, and things that we can’t interact with while sequestered at home may also describe why fragrance sales have held consistent despite widespread job loss and financial insecurity amid a global pandemic.”

Saving this list for the day I can casually walk into bath & Body works and leisurely smell all the candles.

Retro niche perfumes are coming back into fashion.

These are the bestselling skin care items at whole Paycheck Foods.

5 types of hair damage and what you can do about it.

Perfect air-dried hair? SÌ GRAZIE.

I’m very curious about this brand out of Australia, Ere Perez.

Nota a sé…

What’s on deck for this weekend? Che cosa stai facendo? sending you virtual hugs.


Feels like we’re all needing a little (OK, a lot) of TLC these days.

Il tuo amichevole vicinato Appeal Agice,


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