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It Takes You to Tango With the comprise For ever Black Tango combination for autumn 2012

I tangoed this afternoon for the very first time in 20 years, as well as my partner was comprise For Ever.

No, not tango in the ballroom style (“slow, slow, quick-quick, slow!”), although that always appears like so much fun. This was more just me dancing away the late afternoon with some pieces from MUFE’s new autumn 2012 collection.


Ironically…my metaphorical dancing today was much more fun than the very first time I tried the genuine tango.

It was the spring of my senior year in high school… My buddy Alex as well as I had taken a ballroom dance class together after seeing the movie Swing youngsters (5-second synopsis: a group of teens in Nazi Germany band together to dance to prohibited swing music from the United States).

Yup, that’s young Christian Bale in the middle


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

We started out hell bent on getting great sufficient to do the awesome aerial tricks, tosses as well as lifts, so every Thursday after dinner Alex would pick me up in his rickety Dodge Dart, as well as I’d spend the 10-minute drive to the dance studio joshing him as well as his trip (“Dude, if this thing breaks down, you’re gonna have to flash your hairy leg on the side of the road as well as pray somebody pulls over to assist us, ’cause there’s no method I’m pushing this boat in these heels!”).

Then we’d shuffle across the dance floor for 45 minutes, with both of us costs most of the time looking down at our feet, to discover the fundamentals of ballroom dancing with a few of Union City’s sassiest seniors.

I don’t understand what we were thinking, to be honest, since we were really, truly terrible. like the worst couple in class. Alex was over six-feet tall, as well as I barely cleared 5 feet, even when I was stepping on his toes, LOL! Seriously, if the class had provided an award for crashing into other couples as well as stepping on feet, that’s the only award we would have won.

As poor as we were, though, the tango was kind of our specialty, as well as I still keep in mind sailing across the dance floor, repeating “slow, slow, quick-quick, slow” over as well as over to myself.

“Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow!” I tried to get Tabs to dance with me this afternoon, however he wasn’t in the mood… Thankfully, the new Aqua Rouge Lip colors ($24 each), Aqua Brow ($20) as well as new Black Tango combination ($45) were.

Tavolozza nera del tango.

Aqua Rouge in #1 nude beige on the left as well as #8 Red on the right

Swatches from the left: Black Tango combination Aqua Creams in Purple, Green, Blue as well as Ivory; Aqua Rouge in #8 Red, #1 nude beige as well as remove gloss; Aqua Brow in #25 Ash unblended as well as blended

From the collection…

The Aqua Rouges — This new line of double-ended liquid lip colors (one end is a color with a doe-foot applicator, as well as the other has a remove gloss with a brush) is available in 12 shades ranging from soft beige to strong berry. I just started testing today so I can’t state yet exactly how they perform, however they insurance claim to be smudge-proof as well as long-lasting, able to provide the intense, long-lasting color of a lip discolor with the attractive radiate of a gloss.

The Aqua brows — The durability style continues with MUFE’s new Aqua Brow line. offered in seven $20 shades, these water resistant brow fillers apply as a gel however dry to a powder surface that’s supposed to able to withstand inclement conditions like rain as well as high temps.

The Black Tango combination — influenced by comprise For ever creator Dany Sanz’s like for the tango, the new Black Tango combination ($45) homes four new restricted edition shades of MUFE’s high performance Aqua cream shadow in gem-like purple, eco-friendly as well as blue, together with a highlighting ivory.

I’ve always liked the concept of long-wearing makeup…except when it dries out my skin or starts to look cool after a few hours. I’m crossing my fingers as well as hoping that these pieces are able to dance the night away as well as then some.

La tua amichevole community Beauty Addict,



P.S. Come va stasera? I can’t believe I failed to remember to ask if you saw the Curiosity landing? quite amazing, right? When somebody asks one of those NASA scientists what they did this week, now they can say, “Oh, not much really. I sent a spacecraft to Mars.”

Yeah, that trumps me.

Right now I believe I’m just going to eat a bowl of veggie chili as well as surface the movie I started late last night, Fool’s Gold with Matthew McConaughey. I wouldn’t phone call it fantastic (by any type of means), however it’s not totally terrible…

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