Bellezza in gravidanza Tutto ciò che devi sapere Cosmetics MAC terrific Brows, Brow Sculpt and Brushstroke Liners From the MAC terrific brows Collection

MAC terrific Brows, Brow Sculpt and Brushstroke Liners From the MAC terrific brows Collection

The new MAC terrific brows + Brushstroke Liners, available now in the permanent line
The new Brushtroke Liners in the MAC terrific brows + Brushstroke collection got me thinking about being back in school and having to write the same line over and over when you (I) got in trouble.

Did you ever have to do that? sit and write the same sentence 100 times, like, “I will not pull Timmy’s mullet,” or something like that? Do kids still do that? I don’t even know if schools instruct penmanship anymore, because everything’s on a tablet… #datingmyself


The Browsculpts are back

Chiunque. The terrific brows + Brushstroke liner collection is now part of the MAC permanent line with re-promotes of the awesomesauce MAC Brow Sculpts, which are like much more budget-friendly versions of Tom Ford’s life-altering Brow Pencil. IO ? loro!

The Brow Sculpt Pencils, $21 each
There are eight $21 shades, and I wear the one called Brun.

Girl, seriously, go there. They’re fantastic, especially with benefit ready set Brow on top.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Not sold on the terrific brows trios…

There’s also a brand new product in the collection — terrific brows — which is a brow powder trio with one shade darker than the other for filling in bare brow spots, as well as a peachy or beige color for highlighting the arches and a couple of teeny brow tools.

To be honest…I’m not in love with terrific Brows. The brow powders are too pigmented and soft for me.

5 of the 6 terrific brows kits, $30 each
I end up with overly dark brows that don’t look quite right, so I’m going to pass on these and use a single pan of eyeshadow from the MAC line to fill any sparse spots instead (I typically go back and forth between Concrete and Brun).

Brushstroke Liner

I’m so thrilled about these! There are two of them, one in brown and one in black, and they’re $21 each.

So…the first time I talked about the Brushstroke Liners, I incorrectly mixed up Brushtroke with the new MAC pizza cutter liner, which is a completely different thing.

Colpa mia.

To clarify, the pizza cutter liner looks like a tiny pizza cutter, and the Brushstrokes are thin and tapered like a tradition liquid liner pen.

The suggestion is fantastically flexible — probably the most bendable suggestion out there now — even much more so than LORAC Front of the Line pro and Tom Ford’s liquid liner.

I love it, and I can see it incredible if you have small lids that don’t have a lot of space. I can drag it across my lash lines without pulling at my skin, and the very skinny suggestion draws thin, accurate lines.

Wearing Brushstroke liner in Brushblack on my upper lash lines. I’m also wearing the MAC Tropic amazing palette on my lids, Laura Mercier Joie de Vivre blush on my cheeks and Tom Ford Spanish Pink Lipstick on my lips

FYI, I think Tom Ford’s liner is still better for drawing accurate wings and flicks.

Brushstroke has me thinking about a new waterproof liquid liner hourglass recently released called Voyeur. The two are similar in that they’re both potently pigmented and have flexible, thin tips.

MAC Brushstroke is much more flexible, so it glides much more smoothly across my lids, but it doesn’t last as long as hourglass Voyeur, nor is it waterproof.

I think that both are terrific liners, but if you’re searching for something with wondrous wear time, you might want to splurge on $34 hourglass Voyeur.

Brushstroke is fab, though, for rapidly drawing very skinny lines, and if you have limited lid space or hooded eyes.

Costco garlic bread — is it any good?

I’m thinking about getting some for the party on Saturday. have you ever had it?


Not gonna lie — I’m ridiculously thrilled about all of TEH CARBS I’m gonna eat this weekend.

Il tuo amichevole avvincente di Charm,


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